WhatsApp Marketing Plataforma de envío masivo de mensajes


Contest thru whatsapp

WhatsAppAlertas, at Spain since 2015, born as the first online helpdesk platform thru WhatsApp. The call center with a professional helpsdesk thru whatsapp now is possible with our platform whatsappAlertas. Create contest thru Wahtsapp. Communicate with your customers via WhatsApp with a professional helpdesk multi-agent managment system.

The helpdesk whatsapp platform; WhatsAppAlertas is an online Whatsapp Call center you can manage chats with potential customers and create contest thru whatsapp. The new version allows you to create contests via whatsapp with keys like add a whatsapp number and send #YourBrand as keywords, today considered a powerful mobile marketing strategy for contests.
Create lists of contacts and conversations in real time, thanks to easy and export management panel. The helpdesk and Whatsapp call center, is called WhatsappAlertas.

The best contests via whatsapp professionally with a multiagent platform.

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